Two man sit and fish near a foggy pond
Dancers on an outdoor stage make dramatic moves while wearing white against a dark blue sky.
A toddler in a tutu practices ballet.
A young woman in a cap and gown cradles and kisses a newborn baby.
A man dressed in business attire smiles at the camera while standing in front of a colorful mural

Four people dresses as a ghost,  vampire, werewolf and mummy sit together in a movie theater sharing popcorn
A girl and her dad roast marshmallows around a fire pit at dusk.
A group of about ten firefighters stand together
A young woman with a great smile against a bright green background
A man hits a golf ball from the tee box
A person dressed oddly with a unicorn mask stands with a clown as a group of people pass by
A boy climbs through the center of a hollowed out tree stump
Great blue heron stands in shallow water
A group of preteens dressed in summer clothes laugh as they get dumped by a large bucket of water
A man dressed a zombie stares into the camera
A happy woman and her two children lay on a blanket surrounded by snacks.
A woman dresses as a vampire sips coffee at a coffee shop
A man skateboards to the top of what was once a large swimming pool.
A man dressed in red, imitates Micheal Jackson has he leads a parade of the people dressed as zombies down a street at night for a parade.
A dog struggles to get out of a swimming pool.
A girl rides a snowboard down a small, snowy hill, leaping about a foot off the ground
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